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Hot Stone Massage

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Hot stone Massage

The type of deep massage therapy involving the use of smooth and heated stones, soothing oils, warm basalt and in a few cases cold marble stones are used for the relaxation of muscles. The licensed massage therapist typically uses the smooth basalt rocks or river rocks which in a water bath have been heated to a uniform temperature. The massage therapist then places the hot stones on particular body points along the back, stomach, face, and hands for creating a soothing pressure or for using them to massage the muscles with steady pressure, and can even hold the stones along the body while they are giving the massage. The muscles are relaxed due to the warmth they are receiving from the localized heat as well as from the stone's weight. For the solace and relief of the body muscles, the massage therapist applies deeper pressure to the areas, with the caution of not to cause any discomfort. The iron-rich basalt stones retain heat and according to the age-old belief, the heated basalt stone massage helps in the improvement of the flow of energy in the body.

Why Choose Hot Stone Massage?

The premise revolving the hot stone massage therapy is the direct heat relaxing the muscles, by which the therapist can access to the deeper muscle layers. Hot stone protocols and a full body massage combined is a potent healing experience. As the hot stones expand the blood vessels, hence the blood flow is encouraged throughout the body. The sedative effect of the hot stones relieves chronic pain, releases stress and is excellent in promoting deep relaxation and easing muscle stiffness.

Using different techniques, the massage therapist helps to relax the long, skeletal muscles of the body. The other movements which the therapist uses are long strokes, tapping, circular motions and kneading.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage :

The origination of hot stone therapeutic treatment is known to be in China almost 2,000 years ago. Since then, the technique to use these stones for the purpose of healing is being used in a number of different cultures.

Hot stone massage is effectual to melt away tension, easing the stiffness in the muscles, and in increasing metabolism and circulation. A hot massage therapy session one and half hour promotes deeper muscle relaxation, when the smooth, water heated stones are placed at key points on the body.

> The hot stone massage provides a huge relief from the pains which are associated with the chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

> The muscle spasms are decreased along with a reduction in pain due to the heat of the stones.

> Soothing heat from the stones removes chronic stress and tension.

> The heat applied to the joints increases the flexibility in joints, and aids in more easier mobility and movement.

> The massage received from the hot stones heated in the water relieves pain and tension which are the result of strained and contracted muscles.

Expectations from Hot Stone Massage -

Our trained Hot Stone  therapists begins the hot stone massage with essentials oils to relax the body and mind. 

A variety of strokes and techniques are used, by gently moving the hot stones over  the body in calm flowing movements, which  help relax the body and release the tension in the muscles.

Owing to the heat, hot stone massage triggers a deeply relaxed, meditative and chilled state.   

The  heat from the basalt stones can help you drift off into a dreamy state and sometimes encounter losing the track where the hot stones and hands meet and leave your body.